Codex Captivitas:

Kinky erotic fantasy fiction, from the perverted mind of Velicia L.

I enjoyed writing that last story so much that I’ve started a new blog just as an outlet for my creative writing! Visit now to find a MUCH better rewrite of yesterday’s story, and more stories like it in the future!

The great red dragon reached out to grope the young maiden’s breast. She tried to turn away, but it was no use; her arms were held high above her head by a set of heavy iron shackles secured firmly to the cavern wall. The dragon extended his claws and cut through her clothing, making quick work of her bodice and dress, careful not to scar the smooth, tender skin he was baring. She trembled as she felt his hot breath on her bare naked body, but try as she might she had no hope of breaking out of the shackles; she may as well have been held by the mountain itself…

Velicia felt consciousness returning to her, and groaned sofly, her pleasantly erotic dream fading from her mind. She tried to latch onto the fading images. She certainly didn’t want to interrupt it, but something was calling her mind back to the waking world.

She tried to stretch and work the kinks out of her body, only to find her arms stuck behind her back. She tugged, harder, but it was no use. Her arms were held tight and secure against her back, and she could feel her elbows touch each other at the small of her back. An attempt to stretch her legs revealed they two were bound and she could not separate them.

Groaning again, she opened her eyes hesitantly, only to be greeted with the same inky blackness she saw with them closed. Her mouth was also filled with a large leather wad, and nothing she could do would dislodge it.

The half-asleep elf began to panic. She pushed and struggled against her bondage, but it was no use, she could hardly move. Only her legs responded, and they as a single joined limb. Her arms were completely immobile, and she could barely bend her waist or neck. She finally settled down on her side, wimpering softly.

As her mind finally pushed herself to wakefulness, the extent of her predicament became clearer. A skin-tight bodysuit covered her whole body. It was quite comfortable, and had the gentle touch of soft leather, despite being quite rigid in many places. A single leg sleeve forced her legs tightly together; she could bend easily at the hips and knees, but her feet were held at a rigid ballet point. She could feel no heel, and knew standing would be impossible. Similarly, a single sleeve held her arms tightly behind her back. Despite the tightness, the position was comfortable for the lithe young elf. The length of the sleeve was joined to the rest of the suit, giving her no room for struggle. Her waist and neck were held rigidly, feeling mostly like a corset and posture collar. A hood covered the entirety of her head, holding in the large leather gag. She could see nothing through it, nor could she hear anything; it appeared to be blocking sound as well.

Velicia rolled onto her stomach with a sigh. She was decidedly calm, despite her predicament and initial panic. Although this particular bondage suit was new, she was familiar with the spells that did this to her, and she would be let out when she was ready, even if that was generally well after she thought she was ready.

Even if anyone had been present to rescue her, it would be no use. The suit had no seams, lacing, or openings, and might as well have been a second skin for the elf trapped inside. Despite a clear corsetting around the waist there was no apparent boning, and the only hints of arms was a gentle ridge down her back.The only distinguishing feature for the entire suit were the lightly glowing arcane runes scattered across it.

The only hint would be a mysterious, leather bound tome sitting on the table next to the bed, glowing runes, matching the pattern on the leather suit, decorating it. On the front and the spine, large glowing letters read, “Codex Captivitas.”

To be continued (hopefully)

You know, sometimes I wonder what it is about SL that gets me to play it. It’s buggy, laggy, and unstable. It’s hard to find people on and things to do. A pack of monkeys could design a better interface. Seriously, what is it about SL that’s so compelling?

This, friends, is why I play SL.


Managed to stumble onto Marnix‘s new meme, Nekkid but Tasteful Butt Pics, and thought, “Hey, I can do that!”

This is actually harder for me than you’d think. I grew up in a very conservative home where everything nude was by definition not tasteful, so I’m not entirely sure where the line is. My first pic for this showed a little too much boob, so I did a reshoot just to be sure. 😛

And yes, that’s pink hair. 😉

Hey all! I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’d like to pick up blogging again, so if you’ve missed me, good things are in store. If you haven’t missed me, well, it’s not like I’m forcing you to read this.

Here in the near future, I’d like to review the relatively new pony kit from Mesmerize Dungeon. However, before I do that, I thought I’d share a little guide to my fellow SL tinkerers.

The new MD boots are really great. They’re some of the tallest boots I’ve ever seen in SL, and they’re reeeeeeally freaking sexy. Shu got me a pair of the knee highs, and I think they’re my new favorite boots.

However, when putting together a pony ensemble, you run into a bit of a problem. The pony boots only come in mid thigh calf (actually more ankle boots when I take a good look at them…) versions. While I have nothing against mid thigh calf, knee-high is, in my perhaps not quite humble opinion, so much sexier. However, the pony boots have some things that the knee-high fetish boots don’t; namely, the training scripts (like the MD ballet boots), and some pony walk animations that I think are practically worth the L$750 all on their own.

This got me thinking: is it possible to move the scripts around? These are both from the same designer, after all. I put down the L$750 for a pair of pony boots and began tinkering, and it so turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that it is, and it’s not all that hard either.

It’s basically just a straight inventory swap: rez a copy of one of the right-foot pony boots, copy its inventory to your inventory, then rez a copy of the fetish boots and clear it’s inventory, then drop the contents of the pony boot into the fetish boot.

HOWEVER, there are a couple scripts you will want to be careful of:

plugo-color: This is the script that handles the coloring of all the various parts of the boot. Due to structural differences in the boot, I’m assuming that the pony boot version of this script will not work on the fetish boot. You will want to keep the fetish boot’s copy of this script, and not move the pony boot’s version.

kinky boot r: As far as I can tell, this script controls communication between the two boots, the left boot having a script called “kinky boot l.” The pony boots have an equivalent script called “pony boot r” that will not work with the kinky boot, even with the pony boot scripts. Again, you will want to keep the “kinky boot r” script and not copy “pony boot r.”

Once you’ve gotten everything set up, you have a pair of ultra-sexy knee high boots with the added treat of the training scripts and AO from the pony boots. No, you don’t have the ultra-cute horseshoe sole the pony boots have, but this will have to do until we can get Latexina to give us a pair of knee-high pony boots. Personally, I’d also like the pony boots to not only be knee-high, but have MD-cuffs compatible cuffs on them like the ballet boots have.

Anyway, talk to you all again soon! Hopefully I’ll have a full review of the MD pony gear put together here soon!


– Vel

Hey all. I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I’d almost given up on blogging; personal issues seem to eclipse anything I might want to blog about. However, I feel like I need to write something. This place is as good as any.

It’s a nightmare scenario. Every time there’s a hiatus, every time there’s a long period of time where you don’t see someone in SL, or any virtual world really. It’s the one thing you dare not allow yourself to consider. The very thought of it is almost too much to handle.

Last month, the unthinkable happened.

It’s taken us over a month to find out. We are lucky for it; too often, those of us involved in secret virtual lives never find out; the personalities we have come to love simply disappear. A million thanks to Martin for bringing us this unpleasant news.

I cannot say I was a close friend to Rheta; I knew her best for her writing. The World Philip Made, in particular, introducecd me to the idea of virtual personhood, which I found inspiring. However, I do count myself a close friend to her partner and lover, Thdast Schwarzman. I can only hope I’ve been as good a friend as she’s deserved this past hard month. This news has shaken me greatly, and I can only imagine how Thaddy must feel. Thaddy, if you read this, please know I am always here for you.

There is one story I would like to share. My one real in world experience with her, I don’t think it is something I shall ever forget.

I don’t know how many of you remember Veyron’s SL bloggers auction. In short, Veyron Supercharge thought it would be fun to get a number of SL bloggers to put themselves up for auction, essentially as submissives to the purchaser for a certain amount of time. A portion of the proceeds would go toward charity, the rest would go toward the blogger in question, although many chose to give a larger portion to charity. The event was a blast, and everyone involved had a great time.

I signed up almost last minute, and ended up going up fairly late in the auction. Despite this there was fairly vigorous bidding. I did my part to tart things up a bit, showing off my collection of “toys.”

In the end, Rheta won me, paying well over 5000L (I forget the exact amount, but for me it was a small fortune). By the terms of the auction, she had a right to use me as a submissive, for I think a grand total of 24 hours.

As it turns out, she really just wanted a chance to talk to me. She’d apparently wanted to approach me for some time, but stated that she’d been too shy to do so. And talk we did, finding lots of common ground in terms of personal experiences, even though her kinks were a little different than mine. In the end, I was happy to have a new friend.

This had another effect, however. I don’t generally get into real life issues here, so suffice it to say I’ve had many issues in regards to anxiety, self esteem, and depression. Add to that things weren’t going so well in my Second Life as well as my first. The thought of anyone being willing to spend that much money just for the chance to talk to me floored me. Few things have given me as much of a self esteem boost.

Goodbye, Rheta. Thank you so much.

Well, now that my new(ish) friends Shuggi and lliandere have both started their own blogs, I suppose it’s time to stop neglecting my own. 😛

What a year this has been. 2008 was a rather tumultuous journey, filled with personal highs and lows. I’ve made friendships, then drifted apart from them, yet others I’ve formed a deeper bond with than any friend I’ve ever made in my conservative Christian upbringing. I’ve faced despair as I sought to find myself, then elation as I finally found her, then disappointment and determination on discovering just what that will mean. I thought I’d found my place, only to once again become a wanderer.

It’s been a crazy, wild year for me. I’ve made steps foreward, only to meet imposing chasms and walls. Every moment of elation has been matched by a moment of disappointment and disgust, making some wild yin-yang of joy and sorrow.

Funny part is how little of it really has to do with Second Life. Most of the issues I’ve faced (or I dare say, THE big issue) has very little to do with SL, and more to do with the person behind these puppet strings really is. I dare say I think I’ve found her… but the implications have only served to subdue what otherwise should be a wonderful discovery.

I never really wanted this to be this kind of blog. I always had in mind a happy, fun blog about stuff I was interested in. But lately… it just seems life has thrown me through a real loop… and I’m having a hell of a time coping.I don’t know what I’d do without my two SL sis’ Lex and Thaddy. I really don’t know what I’d do without you two.

And to everyone else I’ve crossed paths with, who has made SL a happy escape for me…. Thank You. I really don’t have words to express what that has meant for me the past year.

God bless, and a happy 2009 to you all.



[11:32]  Princess PeePee: hi honey
[11:32]  Velicia Llewellyn: Hello 🙂
[11:32]  Princess PeePee: have u drank your own piss yet rl for a misstress ?
[11:33]  Velicia Llewellyn: Nope. Not into that sort of play, honestly.
[11:33]  Princess PeePee: you will do it
[11:33]  Princess PeePee: and like it
[11:34]  Velicia Llewellyn: Uhm, no, I won’t. That’s not my kink hon.
[11:35]  Princess PeePee: it wasnt mine too til i did it
[11:35]  Velicia Llewellyn: Mhm?
[11:36]  Princess PeePee: we all submit to it
[11:37]  Princess PeePee: thats what makes us sub
[11:38]  Velicia Llewellyn: There are many aspects of submission. That’s just one facet of a diverse spectrum.
[11:39]  Princess PeePee: i can almost guarentee that u’ll meet a misstress that makes u drink ur own piss rl
[11:40]  Velicia Llewellyn: Oh really?
[11:42]  Princess PeePee: yes
[11:43]  Princess PeePee: does it shock you that you will do it ?
[11:45]  Velicia Llewellyn: Should it shock me?
[11:45]  Princess PeePee: it may shock you that u will love it
[11:46]  Velicia Llewellyn: It might. If it happens.
[11:46]  Princess PeePee: u mean when
[11:46]  Velicia Llewellyn: I’m pretty sure I mean if, but if you insist…
[11:48]  Princess PeePee: you should pick out a glass so ur ready that has no chips so it is suitable to piss in
[11:48]  Velicia Llewellyn: lol

Ok, seriously, when will people get over the fact that their particular kink isn’t the end all-be all of BDSM? Unless she was just fucking with me.

Name changed to protect the dignity of a certain individual.

Heya all! As a heads up for anyone I haven’t told, I’m currently in the process of installing Linux as my computer’s primary operating system, so I might be out of world for a while. Hopefully not too long, but I’ve already hit a snag that’s going to delay me a bit.

Why am I switching? Well, for one, I’m sick and tired of Windows’ general futziness. It seems that, even with a new install, there’s always something crashing or slowing down. I also hate how Vista treats you like a toddler when it comes to playing with settings. I also don’t game near as much as I used to (I’ll be keeping a windows partition just in case). Finally, I used to use Linux, and I miss it! Frankly, it’s a far superior operating system, even taking into account driver issues and setup difficulty.

For those of you that are curious, I will be using PCLinuxOS, which I found to be very easy to set up and use in the past. So far, working with the live CD, that’s been the case here as well.

See you all on the other side!

=^.^= Vel

Lily contemplates her existance next to the beach fire.

Lily contemplates her existance next to the beach fire.

Ever since I logged onto both Vel and Lily at once, I’ve been wondering where Lily fits into my online persona which, until this point, has mostly focused on Vel. Vel, as you all have come to know and love, is a snarky, sexy, rather silly Neko, with a heavy penchant for bondage. She can domme pretty well in a session, but after having a few D/s relationships where she was the D fall apart, she’s decided that really isn’t for her. She’s generally intersted in heavy bondage, ponyplay, loves gags and armbinders, as well as leather and steel (not to the exlusion of rope, though), and loves really being stuck in bondage. (thus a real love for the Restrained Life viewer.) She loves the friends she’s made in SL, and considers them some of the most precious thing she has, real life included.

Who is Lily? What does she like?

Well, Vel’s general interests really mirror those of her human, so it would pretty well follow that Lily’s intersts would be very similar to Vel’s. However, Lily finds herself in an intersting spot; while Vel is often stuck in bondage somewhere, Lily isn’t, allowing her to run off and play when Vel can’t. Lily can also get herself stuck without worrying about keeping Vel from getting to Master. There have been a lot of things Vel has wanted to try that she hasn’t been able to, since she doesn’t want to be kept away from Master for too long. Thus, Lily’s intersts mirror Vel’s for a large degree, with the addition that she’s generally free to get herself stuck in situations Vel would be hesitant to get into.

What about personality though? While I’ve always thought of Lily as being a bit more “serious” than Vel, I’ve found that I really can’t quite pull that off. I enjoy banter, and snarking off, and Lily inherits that. Lily does feel a little more serious, but that might be because she doesn’t know as many people as Vel does. Both tend to need to get to know a group before they can open up properly, and Lily is generally around different people than Vel is.

So, I guess that really leads me to the conclusion that Lily is my play avatar. She allows Master to have a hectic, busy schedule and not worry about Vel going nuts in bondage. She’s also an outlet to experience things that are rather off limits for Vel.

One last note: If she’s not so different from Vel, why make her look so different?

Well, for one, being a Neko as somewhat of a curse within a blessing. I wouldn’t change that part of Vel’s identity for the world, but it is aweful nice to be able to wear earrings and belly pearcings again. Also, how many brunettes do you really see in SL? There are plenty of blonde bombshells, red-headed vixens, and raven-haired beauttes in Second Life, but not near enough representatives of a perfectly pretty hair color.

There’s another thing she inherited from Vel… ever seen Vel with anything other than red hair? Well, besides those wild pink hair styles she has? It’s just easier to settle on one color. I don’t have the money to buy every color of all the hairs I like. Lily does do one thing different than Vel though. Her hair tends to be shorter. 🙂


=^.^= Velicia Llewellyn